1. Bobbie

    It’s so good to see you! 2016 was an abysmal blogging year for me — lots of intention, very little follow through — so I’m trying to get back into it, since it brought me joy and let me meet cool folks (like you!). It sounds like you’ve done an enormous amount of growing over the past months, and I’m so proud of you for that. What a brave woman you are! And, oh yeah, I LOVE that necklace you made!

    • It’s so, so good to hear from you!

      I’ve actually issued a blogging challenge to myself that might work for you. For the next 30 days, I’ve challenged myself to work for just an hour every day on the blog. And for every hour I put in, I get a point. Still trying to figure out what my points will get me, or if I’ll need all 30 points to earn whatever prize I decide on (I’m a really reward-oriented person). But I do know that right now, the timer is ticking away. And I’m halfway there as I type this.

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