1. carol

    Love this! Thank you for writing such an awesome post about resistance. Would like to read the post about sabotage and the not-so-great reasons for starting a project too. Is that one available yet?

    • Carol, thank you!

      The post on not-so-great reasons to start a project is still in the works, but I can give you a little preview. I’ve learned the hard way that the worst reasons to start a project are fame/fortune, redeeming ourselves because of (perceived) past failures, and approval of the ones we love.

      My brother and I both considered going to medical school because our father was a surgeon. But neither of us really wanted to go into medicine… we both wanted to make him happy and have something to bond over, I think. He had to sit each of us down (there’s a big age gap, so this happened decades apart) and explain that he just wanted us to be happy. He did it in a gruff, roundabout kind of way, but I eventually realized that this was what he was trying to say.

      (He was also a polymath, and even though he loved being a doctor, I know it stressed him out. And he didn’t have time to do all the other things he loved until he retired. I’m wondering if that wasn’t another factor.)

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