1. I make lists, but don’t keep them once everything is crossed off. My greatest joy is in the crossing. I write things on my list that are already done just to have that joy 🙂

    • Cyndi, a friend of mine from college did that too, and he swore by it. I tried it because of him, and have to say, I do like those kinds of lists for regular chores. Like when I’m doing major house cleaning. There’s some satisfaction in crossing out “clean the bathroom” with a nice aggressive pen stroke. “Take that, you fiend! You are now clean.” 😉

  2. One foot in front of the next, right? You were very productive during the month! I have to say, #51 resonated with me — our apartment has no garage, so the whole street parking thing is a regular adventure. Sometimes I think a really good parallel parking job should get some sort of recognition. A medal. A small parade from the car back to your house. A tiara. Maybe I’m overthinking….

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